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California employees continue to fight back

When will employers ever learn that they need to respect the rights of their workers? Although the laws in California and throughout the country are totally clear, employers continue to violate the rights of their employees through underpayment, refusal to pay overtime wages, denial of benefits and breaks and other obvious violations.

You Have Rights

However, even though employers continue to violate the rights of workers, the workers continue to fight back through legal action. If you have any concern that your employer is violating your legal rights in California, talk to a lawyer right away to discuss your rights and options. You could have a legal case to protect your rights, bring justice against the employer who has mistreated you and potentially obtain compensation.

An Important Class Action Claim in California

According to a recent report in, California employees are bringing a class-action employment lawsuit, totaling just under $5 million, against Interstate-RIM Management Company LLC.

The allegations against Interstate-RIM Management Company LLC include:

  • The incentive pay was not accurately reflected in the hourly wages of non-exempt employees for the purposes of overtime pay.
  • No policy was in place to facilitate the legally regulated 30-minute lunch break in every eight-hour shift.
  • Non-exempt employees were required to stay at work after they clocked out in order to answer emails without compensation.

The lawsuit states that there is evidence of the company’s policies and practices in the company’s business records.

This is a serious claim citing multiple violations. If the plaintiffs prove the allegations they’re bringing as a class, it will cost the employer significantly and provide them with compensations for the mistreatment they have had to endure in the workplace.

A case like this is one more proof that employers cannot simply violate their workers’ rights with impunity. If you or a loved one has experienced a rights violation at work, talk with an experienced employment law attorney right away.