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Celebrating women’s contributions in the workplace

In 2017, there is no place for discrimination against women in the workplace. At this point, equal pay, equal treatment and a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment against women should be the norm. Indeed, the law demands it.

However, there are still many instances of gender harassment and discrimination in American workplaces, often due to employers simply not knowing the law or not being diligent enough to prevent these violations. During women’s history month – March 2017 – this is a perfect time to celebrate the presence and contributions of women in the workplace today.

Equality is the Reality

The truth is that women are just as present and valuable in the workplace as men are. The US Department of Labor blog has a post that illustrates the presence of women in the workplace today.

According to the article:

  • Women are more likely than men to obtain a bachelor’s degree by age 29: While 34 percent of women have obtained a bachelor’s degree, only 26 percent of men have done so.
  • Nearly half of American workers are women: According to the post, Almost 47 percent of U.S. workers are women.
  • Women have a significant presence in management: In Human Resources and Social/Community Service professions, women represent a significant majority of those in management (74 percent and 71 percent, respectively). Women are above or near half in numerous other professions, as well.

These are just a few of the significant statistics available on the Dept. of Labor blog. All of these figures indicate the more important reality that women are an equally viable part of the American workforce, and their rights need to be honored and upheld.

Employers do well to recognize the important contributions of women and provide an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. Employers facing legal actions based on sexual harassment and discrimination claims should seek the counsel of an experienced, trusted team of lawyers.