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Collection Sure to Capture Attention of Action Enthusiasts

Los Angeles, CA. August 18, 2021 – Todd Friedman is pleased to announce the premiere of his film, Collection, on September 17, 2021. The film, which is co-produced by The Warner Davis Company and Dark Dreams Entertainment, will receive a limited release in California theaters and on streaming services worldwide. Starring Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number 4) and Mike Vogel (Cloverfield and The Help) and directed by Marianna Palka (Egg), the movie is a fast-paced action thriller that’s sure to appeal to anyone looking for an adventure.

The trailer for Collection is currently available on YouTube for excited fans who want an early taste. Otherwise, anyone looking for some excitement can experience the film on streaming and VOD services on the 17th.

Friedman used his significant experience as an attorney specializing in debt and collections to write a film that’s both accurate and thrilling. The result is an enthralling tale of a grieving father who’s forced to navigate the high-stakes world of debt collection and mobs to choose between new love and big money. Pettyfer’s captivating character grapples with his mistakes, best friend, and even his apprentice while trying to shake off his past and find out if he has a future. Friedman’s experience gives the entire move verisimilitude that’s unmatched in other thrillers.

Collection is the result of significant work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cast, director, and producers performed a labor of love to complete the film, from its gorgeous set pieces to the fast-paced action sequences. Collection’s theatrical release is the crowning achievement for any film completed during the pandemic. With Friedman’s writing and Palka’s directing, it’s the perfect way to enjoy coming back to the movie theater.

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