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Different types of Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits involve large groups of people suffering similar damages from the same entity.  There are basically four types of lawsuits….

  • Consumer Class Action Lawsuits are brought when several consumers complain about being injured by a company’s illegal practices. Examples might include illegal charges on phone bills, illegal late payment fees, false advertising, deceptive business practices,  or failure to comply with other consumer protection laws.
  • Securities Class Action Lawsuits are usually brought on behalf of a group of investors who have been injured as a result of a company’s improper conduct, such as misstating earnings, also referred to as “materially false and misleading statements”, concealing or misrepresenting risks, or otherwise engaging in activity detrimental to the  investors.
  • Product Liability Class Action Lawsuits happen when a defective product,   In product liability class action lawsuits, many people are similarly harmed by the product. An example of this would be the class action lawsuit filed against Skechers USA,  Inc. on behalf of 37 plaintiffs across the country that suffered serious injuries as a result of wearing the Skechers Shape-ups and Tone-ups shoes.
  •  Employment Class Action Lawsuits Employment class action lawsuits are typically brought on behalf of employees of a large company for claims ranging from unpaid overtime and employee misclassification to systemic workplace age, race or sexual discrimination.  An example is the DSW wage-and-hour class action lawsuit filed in 2011 by DSW sales associate and merchandise manager Olga Aguirre, who accused the shoe retailer of various wage and labor code violations, including allegations that the company prevented its nearly 3000 nonexempt hourly employees mandated meal and rest breaks.  The class action lawsuit also accused DSW of failing to provide itemized wage statements or reasonable seating accommodations for workers, and of using an inappropriate method of final compensation to withhold wages.

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