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Settlement Reached In Workers Compensation Lawsuit Against Walmart

An $8 million settlement was granted by a federal judge, ending a workers compensation class action lawsuit brought by injured Walmart employees in Colorado. The plaintiffs alleged that Walmart, it’s adjuster Claims Management Inc (CMI) and Concentra Health Services hindered medical providers from making independent judgements on how to treat injured workers.

Under the terms of the settlement, Wal-Mart and CMI, must pay $4 million, while Concentra will pay another $4 million. Further, each injured Walmart worker who was treated at a Concentra facility will receive $520, while those treated at other facilities will receive $50.

The settlement also stipulates that Walmart and CMI provide training to adjustors who will handle future worker compensations claims. And, Concentra must also provide periodic training to its marketing and sales force regarding state laws that prohibit outside interference in how medical care is provided.

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