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Protecting Your Privacy In The Workplace

In recent years there has been a tremendous increase in the use of biometric technology for security and time-keeping in the workplace. Although this technology can be convenient for employees, it brings significant risks for workers. As an employee who has to use fingerprints and other biometric technology at work, you are facing the possibility of identity theft, discrimination and other risks.

It is critical to understand your rights when it comes to the use of biometric information in the workplace. Abuses and mistakes by your employer or the third-parties vendors who are often responsible protecting your personal information could be extremely costly to you. New SlideShare And Whitepaper To help employees better understand their rights in the workplace regarding this complicated legal area, our firm has released a new whitepaper, entitled “Your Fingerprints, Your Identity, Your Privacy.” For a more high-level exploration of these issues, you can read our recently published SlideShare, which summarizes the whitepaper content.

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