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What Is Gender Discrimination?

We’ve left the 1950s far behind. The modern workplace is diverse, but unfortunately, traces of gender inequality still persist. Gender discrimination in the workplace can manifest in various forms that affect both men and women, including:

  • Unequal pay
  • Disparity in working conditions
  • Limited opportunities for promotion or advancement
  • Discrimination due to parental leave or family commitments (e.g., retaliation under the Family and Medical Leave Act)
  • Sexual harassment

Gender discrimination can, under specific circumstances, apply to any individual, regardless of their gender. If you suspect that you have been subject to gender bias in the workplace, it’s advisable to consult with an experienced employment law attorney. They can thoroughly examine the facts of your situation and propose potential strategies to tackle the issue.

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What Are Examples of Gender Discrimination?

  • Wage Gap: Even with the same qualifications, experience, and job role, some individuals may find themselves receiving lower pay based on their gender.
  • Disparity in Working Conditions: This might include providing less desirable or safe assignments, workspace, equipment, or training based on gender.
  • Limited Opportunities for Advancement: Promotions, special assignments, or professional development opportunities might be biased, favoring one gender over the other.
  • Parental Leave Discrimination: Individuals might face retaliation or bias for taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act for pregnancy, childbirth, or adoption, which disproportionately affects women, but can also impact men.
  • Stereotyping: It’s discrimination if employment decisions are based on gender stereotypes, such as assumptions about roles at home, physical abilities, or emotional characteristics.
  • Unequal Job Classification: Sometimes, roles traditionally filled by one gender might be classified at a lower level or wage scale compared to similar roles filled predominantly by another gender.

Sexual Harassment: A Form of Gender Discrimination

Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment, free from sexual intimidation and bullying. Continuous sexual harassment or a hostile work environment imposes a significant burden on victims, affecting job performance and mental health, or even causing issues of retaliation. Armed with the right evidence, an experienced gender discrimination lawyer can aid in halting such violations.

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