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Contract Review For California Employees

If you are taking on an executive position in a new company, you are also taking on a measure of risk. For example, you may risk losing stock options and incentive pay from your current employer. You also risk termination if the new position does not work out. A good employment contract can mitigate these and other risks.

At the Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman in Woodland Hills, our Los Angeles employment law attorneys draft, review and negotiate employment contracts for executives and other high-level employees in California. We will work closely with you to develop a negotiation strategy, whether that involves coaching you to conduct negotiations or negotiating on your behalf. We serve clients in California and throughout the nation.

Here are examples of issues our employment law attorneys can address:

  • Protecting or replacing compensation you are at risk of losing from your present employer
  • Determining appropriate compensation and benefits for the new position
  • Determining the appropriate length of the contract
  • Defining when and how the contract can be terminated for cause
  • Advising you concerning any noncompete agreement you are asked to sign

Our experience litigating employment contract disputes puts our attorneys in a good position to head off issues before they arise.

directly to an attorney from our firm about your claim. We will evaluate your case and give you a trustworthy recommendation on how to proceed.

Who Is Protecting Your Rights In An Employment Contract?

Employment contracts drafted by employers can be self-serving. To ensure that your rights are protected, call or complete our simple contact form to discuss your situation with one of our employment contract lawyers. We offer a free initial consultation.

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